The Point!

Like i been tryin’ to yell 2 ya! You got to be suspicious … of righteousness.


The measure of morality: Individual Accountability. Period.

And … of course … each has a “rationalization” masquerading as “reason.” But, intelligence tells morality’s treason: not left or right, black, brown, pink, yellow, green or white … but wrong or right!

iDiots …

I’ve got to say, far from being a “genius” an evil idiot is behind the steering wheel of the shi* of state, Rushin’ in!!!

Mariupol gravely moves on …

The geopolitical iDiocity is to get a warm water port! This occurs by 1. disintegrating the civilized infrastructure of a place on the planet, 2. creating a class of homeless and landless people, akin to disenfranchised Palestine people (duh … how’s that working for you?) … and, then, getting back to the regular business of being a growing and prosperous nation-state.

Who said that is “genius” in action?

Do not try to convince me that the ex-president of the U.S.A. knows anything about anything, other than his need to take a shit. I hasten to remind everyone: Even a broken clock is accurate twice a day. And, it’s not because of any human beings intention!

Thoughts and prayers.


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I was a paper delivery boy, early morning, Los Angeles Times. I’d read there would be a test in Nevada, and that it would be visible in Los Angeles. The scheduled date of the test did not occur. The wind conditions precluded detonation, as the weather conditions also postponed the detonation again. I’d forgotten about the matter, as a 4 a.m. rising time, to fold papers, stuff them in a bag and make deliveries, contemplating not being late for school, was on my mind. In the dead of night, the darkest part of day, before Sunrise, the sky lit up, brighter than a noonday. No clouds. No Sun. I turn abound two times and could not see the Sun. Animals went crazy with sounds of barking and tweeting. Terrified, I finished my route as quickly as I could, rode home as quickly as I could. Jumped in bed, covered my face.

Later … I was told there were complaints from customers: they hadn’t received their morning paper. I still don’t know why. In my mind, I had completed the route and thrown all the papers to the subscribers. To this day, I wonder what really happened.

Later, after finishing law school and working for poor people at the Legal Aid Society of Santa Clara County, I had a dream. A plane … a bomb … the light of an explosion blinded me. I awoke shaking, terrified again … just like had been there … and today I found the answer to my reality and existence … and truth.


DisUnited States, ticking clock, ticking down around the dock
DisUnited SSR, Idiot killer quite the stock
DisEnfranched, so despised
DisArrayed, miltary guise
Nothing better left to do
DisEmbodied human stew
DisEmboweled nation-state
Destroyed in human

Tell me if it’s not to late
Peace is leader’s bacon

All I see is irrational


Grappling with my inner nature: personal avoidance of attention. Birthday … should not be my tribute, but that of those who conceived me. And, their loss and absence is what grieves me. Believe me, not happiness of my being but sadness of the leavings in my grieving.

Love to you, Mother and Father. Happy that I knew your love, and it it grew.


The main act cannot complain that the show was “stolen” when the opening act is simply BETTER! Just like the named star can’t whine and complain upstaging because another actor played their role better. Well, maybe that overstates the fact.

Whining and crying “cheater” may rationalize the steal. But, it is just as easy to rationalize the loss was due to the inability of the star to learn and deliver the lines the script demanded. Thus, upstaged!

Let me be clear: The ex-president allowed the election to be “stole” because the president was simply upstaged, muffed the lines and failed to play the character the role demanded — with truth, honesty and integrity. Period!


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