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The Ace of Spades, The King of Hearts to Heather

Truth is the Ace of Spades
Love is the King of Hearts
Life is the Gift of Being
Talk is the Voice of Thinking
Trump is a Card called Luck
Superstitiously Passing the Buck
Light is the Will to Duck
Time is the Tribute to Made by
Blood is Debt Paid
Killing Failures to See
Freedom, Equality, Decree

Puppetry: Leaking Whistle

Puppetry: Wrongfully controlling, or attempting to control another immorally or illegally, without disclosing the existence of strings.

When a leaker hits a moral dilemma, there is always a choice:  So, remember:

When you hear a leak in a pipe, you may hear only a hiss or a whistle indicating something is wrong.  Be thankful you hear it, for it may warn of disaster or catastrophe.  Appropriately, when you hear a leak by a human (more intelligence involved than a failing pipe or improperly connected pipe), the whistle is a signal.  In the case before us the human is a”leaker.”  Every Whistle Blower is leaking something.  If you truly think about it, every Whistle Blower is, essentially, a leaker.

Calling a name with a negative connotation (leaking is “bad”) and out of context should be crime itself. Actually, when I think about it, lying is a crime in many instances.

Life Is a No-Trump Game

Life: A Trump Card is Useless …

I am aware that the inventory of houses for sale on the market has increased (even as prices have decreased), even in the $700 k range in my neighborhood. In addition, landlords are finding tenants moving out, having multiple families living in single family dwellings and garages.  A guy around the corner just had to do a lot of work to restore his rental to a habitable condition -- including having a disabled vehicle towed away that was left by the last tenants.

Coupled with that fact is there has been an increase in the number of rental units on market, based on large apartment/condo construction projects that have been completed. I find the Bay Area ripe for increases in population, without the infrastructure to support the higher density of residents.  Traffic is often 405 branded on 101 these days. It takes 45 minutes to get from Oakland to SF via the Bay Bridge from 6 a.m. - 9 a.m.

Prospective sellers should taken the money (lower price offered for real property) and ran with it.  There is some hope, however. When people flee the stock market, as it compresses, they will seek other places to park their cash. Real estate is more secure than stocks or corporate bonds. Government bonds are most secure; however, the return on capital is very small. Thus, capitalist investors are stuck with parking their bucks in real estate. They've already done that, as that's why real estate prices have inflated so much.

Last note on the subject:  It takes a minimum wage of $50/hour to afford rent payment on a 2 bedroom, 1 bath dwelling unit in the SF Bay Area (in the Chronicle a couple of days ago). Now, couple that with the post WW2 standard that you spend not more that 25% of your income on housing, save at least 10% of your income for the future, reserve at least 5% of income for emergencies, use the rest for food, clothing and big ticket items (like refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, cars, etc.) and have 5% form mad money (Las Vegas is as good as anything else for leisure activities) -- and personal income builds in enough to take a vacation with family every year (for quality of life) by one man working (i.e., the living wage of the one man working and the woman home making), you've got the middle class dream fulfilled.

OK, that changed to 50% of income allocated to housing, and assuming the woman is no longer working exclusively inside the home a few years ago.  You can clearly understand the dilemma of the government (which prints dollars), whether here or around the world. Related are social and political issues (both domestically and abroad) that radically effect what can and cannot be done.

I lied:  One last thought (which should have come first).  Donald Trump gets it all wrong, unfortunately and stupidly. He's now given a General the power to set troop needs for the Afghanistan blunder.  Since Trump is ignorant of history, he fails to see that sending in more troops only increases the certainty of more casualties, which only increases the need to send in more troops to stabilize and solve the problems there.  Gee (a euphemism for "Jesus Christ"), looks a lot like Viet Nam to me. And, we know what the results were there.  But, those opposed to the tactical and tactful political move of Obama made (the "haters") are bound and determined to have it their way.

The legacy of Trump will be that he, and his administration, was a card those seizing power attempted to play in a game that had, at its core, cards that were held in a world declaring a game of "no trump."  For those unaware of the game of Bridge or Spades or Hearts, you must play the hand dealt and there is no special card that is better than the Ace of Spades or King of Hearts!

Trumpetry -> Impeach

The man is guilty of Puppetry, plain and simple.  The High Crime and Misdemeanor is blatantly obvious, beyond a reasonable doubt.   This was not the sophisticated puppetry associated with soap opera villainy.  No, people, this was Puppetry that can only be called treason.  His villainy shall henceforth live historically about the United States of America and be called “Trumpetry!”. The political strategy normally works in the game of cards — until the one who won the bid of hand dealt calls the game, “No Trumpetry”.  Get it?  “Trump e Try”.

How does a foreign national have a greater need to know than a citizen?

Will someone in authority give me the classified code-name, as it’s been compromised.  Oh, I see. The classified code-name has now been changed as it’s been compromised.  Even a better reason to let me know what it was, since we have public knowledge of what the result was (laptops being transported in the cargo hole of airplanes).

By the way, can someone tell me how putting laptops in a suitcase in the belly of a plane is less risky than a person carrying the laptop?  Never mind.  I’m not flying anywhere.  Period. Thank you, John Madden.

The Beautiful Man

The Beautiful Man
Uses hand
Because he can
In peace
Integrity in word and deed
Whitewashed graves
Lies Deceive
Avoid their traps
In truth he

As a human he hates
As we all do
But finds a way to be true to
Love and lead the ones he
Needs to use his hands and stand in

The beautiful man
In no man’s land
Avoids building hope and love on

Avoid the girl
Casing pears to swine
Guzzling wine
With friends in kind
She knows not the ways of love of
The Beautiful man

Dedicated to Charlie Salim Channel

Tahoe Inspiration

Tahoe Inspiration

To Be Or Not To Be
That is the Answer

Time is Illusion

Consciousness Is Awareness Life Gifts
Breaking the Barrier of Illusion of Time

Technology is the Tool Consciously Invented to
Break Dissolve the Barrier of the Illusion by
Empowering You to Discover its
Non-necessity and

J. Herman Blake

J. Herman Blake

After service in the U.S. Navy I returned to Santa Monica City College, where I’d failed out.  And, after redemption (All “A’s” and “B’s”), I was accepted at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where I majored in Psychology.

I was privileged and honored to meet Dr. J. Herman Blake, Sociologist, while there.  And, he had a tremendous impact on my understanding of both myself, the history and social condition of African American and the struggles of life. I must also mention John Rickford, whose keen intellect and brilliant insights enabled and facilitated my survival and achievement.

Herman recently wrote and thanked me for driving him to the California Men’s Colony where Huey P. Newton was incarcerated.  Jan Mathias, who later became my wife, was with me.

Herman’s collection of work is now at Emory.  Check it out!jointlogo


August Four Glow

August  Four Glow

Life and love
Dove of peace
Live above
Spiritual increase

Be clear of the beast

It’s good to be a free man
Love supreme
Go flow




If you’re reading this blog, then you know that I published TrumpsusPence a few days ago.  Well, the “suspense” is out of Trump.

It occurs to me that one needs to know how to answer a question, which means a person has to understand what the question is. In this situation, one person said, ‘You’ve not sacrificed anything like I’ve sacrificed.’ The answer was, ‘Look at what I’ve done. That’s a sacrifice.’

Obviously, the man Trump does not know the difference between “accomplishment” and “skin in the game”.  Skin in the game = flesh, bone and blood. As I thought awhile ago, none of Trump’s children have enlisted in the armed forces.  A parent who raises a child instills values into that child. And, the child becomes motivated to be what his or her parent(s) are or have been. With regard to citizenship, Trump’s children have made their choices, not unlike the choices that others have made.  Pursuit of fame and fortune are a part of American virtues as is service given to a nation that does not prioritize fame and fortune.

I’ve always felt that there are intelligent, upright and honorable people who are Republicans.  I’ve often asked, “Where are they?” I’ve also written that “ideology” = “ignorance.” That’s not because ideology is bad, but because it is blind to the question of “context.”  Context contains the environmental “realities” that effect reasoning. And, context always trumps logic. That is, it makes and leaves ideology irrational. And, I’m happy to see there are Republicans who “get it!”

Common sense makes the point:  “If you cannot stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”  Maybe what observers of U.S. politics have been missing is that Trump has, in fact, been trying to get out of the kitchen. He really doesn’t want the job and no matter what he does, he just can’t seem to get out. My guess is that his IRS audit leaves him with no other alternative but to become president, to change the rules before the rules paint him into an undesirable corner. However, I admit that I might be totally wrong on that point, to not take anything out of context.