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Everyone Seeks A Place


A home on the San Francisco Bay in East Palo Alto, CA.  There’s more to this place than the violence you’ve read or heard about. But, I’m not concerned that public perception.



A place and refuge from Bay Area traffic!


Launched …

Some who read or use my in-house server may wonder what am I doing in this World? Hell if I know!  All I know is that I was born and have been defined by humanity as “African-american.”  Like, who isn’t, if born and living on the American content?

It appears that I was actually brought into this existence to be a musician, whether or not that was anyone’s intention except mine. I was 16 years old when I felt that being a musician is my destiny in this incarnation. And, apparently, at almost 70 years of age I have actually arrived.

First appreciation goes to my father who enabled me to experience Lionel Hampton and, also, to every musician,  drummer (I’m so amazed and happy that I was able to actually play with Eddie Marshall before he passed) and every bassist that’s made me feel good about being. There’re a bunch including Ray Brown, Ron Carter, Buster Williams, Richard Davis … you know or should or will know the music and names.

Today, John Patitucci through ArtistWorks is the launching pad from which I have been unleashed on the path .  I can’t describe why simply being with him, virtually, has launched and freed me to be.  Suffice to say, I know I can do it — “be” an excellent bassist and consistently perform at a professional level. That, apparently, is what I have been born to be.

A special thanks also to Steve Swan, who sold me my bass 6 years ago.  See my Tributes to Loved for a more complete list, including ISB!

I think I’ll get a  new bass, one that I can take wherever I go, as I don’t plan on going anywhere without one ever again in my life, except to the crematorium.  I believe Lemur music has one that I think, finally, answers my question:

Let’s have a great day!




MuSocial — Jinho “The Piper” Ferreira

Pianist and friend Syd William invited me to see a “must experience” play in Berkeley, CA.  COPS AND ROBBERS.   The Muse is social!  Art is life!!!

The play is an historic work of art that touches the reality and consequences of slavery. It speaks the truth of the time in which we dwell, as citizens and residents of the United States of America. It calls each of us to act and understand the essence of being human beings, in a world in which we exist to see, learn and love.

The power of the Muse drives the tides of social evolution through the turbulent and murky waters of racism. And, the play, itself, and the artists manifest not only the questions, but the answer for revolutionary social change.

I believe Cops and Robbers in nothing less than a historical milestone that will stand as the clarion call that redefines who and what we of African descent truly have been, are and will be in the history of humankind.

I highly recommend you experience it, as soon as you can.

Jinho “The Piper” Ferreira’s Cops and Robbers 


Onward to ArtistWorks and Upwards …

A few days ago, ISB sent an E-mail advertisting ArtistWorks. Well, having the ability to get master lessons from John Patitucci while at home (which is mostly filled with music instruments and audio equipment) was much too much to pass up.

I immediately began lessons at the “basic” learning level.  I feel, being self-taught, that there might just be some small details that I’ve missed in laying a foundation.  Sure enough, one video of John Playing has just opened the book of understanding and performing.  So, I’m moving forward on this path.

The proof will be in the pudding, as it were.  Let’s see if this thing will enable me to engage warp drive to jump to warp speed.

Alive in the Vibes and Peace Charlie Haden

Yesterday, the ISB sent a note of sadness and condolence regarding Charlie Haden.


Charlie is a bassist with whom I’ve identified for so many years.  His collaboration, specifically with Keith Jarrett, occurred at a moment in time, around 1974 (+ 40 years ago) when I had to make a decision:  To be a bassist or a husband and father?  That was the question.  I chose the latter at that time, thinking, “Why else did I marry?”  Love makes you do strange things!

Fourteen years ago, I again had the choice before me as a widower, and I play as often as possible.  Thus, it is that upon being informed of Charlie’s death I again listened to the work done that was so inspirational around 1974.

Fort YAWUH is a recording  that rings my bell at so many levels, both for Keith’s piano playing  — including all of the other guys playing with him — and, or course,  Charlie Haden.

Find and listen to Fort Yawuh.  I’ve got the vinyl, but I’ll not take time to load it.  Last night I listened again.  YouTube has a version (poor sound quality, but definitely worth the audition).  I highly recommend it.

Rest and be Alive in the Vibes, Charlie.  They’re all good.



Today, I was able to listen to Live-Evil in its entirety. What an experience and time it was when Miles and the team made and left those vibes.  I wrote to a friend (who inspired me to listen to Miles, again):

The struggle of being with the muse is the challenge to listen.  As you know, in this contemporary technology driven society, there are too-so many distractions and interruptions to our mental desire and need to listen.  Even the clatter and chatter of thought in my mind distracts me from effectively listening.

Music presents an opportunity to re-visit the future, and remove the illusion of time and space.  There is no mystery that time passes so quickly in the musically altered state of consciousness. ‘There be Tomorrow.’  Yesterday and today, the dance of the Musigans was and is.

Life’s Answer

If you’ve come this far on my server, you’ll find another post.  This is actually not the first one I’ve done.  I’m the “admin”.  Do not be in awe. Anyone can do this.  You don’t need an ISP (Internet Service Provider) to publish on the WWW.  Did I mention it doesn’t cost anything?  Life is good.  I’ll log in under my userid in a bit.  But, for the moment, I’ll not bother wasting time with that.  Now, let’s get on with what’s on my mind.

It’s Father’s Day.  Actually, I think Father’s Day is Mother’s Day is Birthday and Every Day!

I know life only comes from life.  Here’s the Alpha and Omega:  the question is, Where does life come from?   Life!  End of belief. End of sermon. End of philosophy. End of debate.  As for the Why? the answer (not the question) is:  TO BE OR NOT TO BE!  

Thanks William … I needed that!