Voice Over and Acting Services

Ready! Let’s get busy and record some voiced content. 

  • Commercial and Narration voice talent service.  
  • ISDN available and ready for voice talent delivery to your studio
  • Convenient location to Silicon Valley (San Francisco Bay Area ) .  Call:  650.324.3311 or my mobile communicator:  650.468.6421. E-mail: (with no space between characters): voiceservice@charliechannel (“dot”) com.   😉
  • Gear
    • PrimaLT (ISDN)
    • ProTools 002 Rack  – BlackLion Tweak Head Mod
    • Pre’s:  Grace 101, Black Lion Auteur and miscellaneous stuff
    • Mic’s include: Microtech Gefell, EV RE-20, RODE and Shure products
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