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StoneSoup Jazz

There are great musicians on the planet, wonderful spirits.  I’m pleased to connect with them  on occasion.  When we don’t know what to call ourselves, I recommend Stone Soup Jazz.

Cancion para un nino muerto

Background:  I live by the San Francisco Bay.  One morning a young Latina child was in the cross-walk, her mother steps behind her, on her way to elementary  school that morning.  An elementary school teacher was driving to a different elementary school.  The child was struck and died by that teacher.  I saw the body in the bag.  I walked home, sat at the piano and the song erupted in an emotional catharsis.  Months later I recorded sounds from the neighborhood, and layered some synth and double bass.  Here is what the Muse spoke through me on the piano, that morning:


Blues for Kim

Background:  I was learning to play scales.  I became obsessed (I OCD’d) with the dominant 7 tone for about 2 months.  The story (see the video below) is true.   A 4/4 major blues. 5 string bass double stop with major 10th descending and ascending and descending.

Dominant 7 got the lick going. Last note is open B (lowest tone on a standard tuned Sadowski).


How I want to see you but I did not make it so
How I want to hold you for your love in me to grow
I want you, that’s what I’m waiting for.

Your lips are so inviting that I never will forget
Our first kiss igniting left me hot! And short of breath
I want you, that’s what I’m waiting for.

High in the sky above me, your smile like the Sun that I see
Oh, baby … that’s what I’m yearning for

Loving you forever, sweetness intertwined together,
Oh, baby … that’s what I’m burning for.

You are so enticing that I really got to say
Want to touch and taste you each and every day, I have you
That’s what I’m waiting for.

We’ll meet in a beginning on some day, I know it’s so
In a life repeating and you’ll see that we both know
I love you …

That’s what I’m waiting for.

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